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When do I sign up for the 8th grade class? I don't want to miss out! Didn't even think I would like Cotillion. Parent's made me come. I am pretty glad they did :)

 The 50's party was a blast. I won the limbo contest! Think I got gipped on the swing dance contents though. Thanks so much!

 I loved doing the shag AND limbo! I kept tripping over my poodle skirt but won the "best costume" contest so whatever!

  The Parent's Party was so much fun! I have never seen my dad dance like that! Maybe that's a good thing...

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Cotillion KidsOverview: Directed by Valerie Macdonald, The Cotillion Group specializes in offering Cotillion Kids affordable cotillion programs and social education to adults, children, and young adults. These superior programs include lessons in ballroom and popular dance along with invaluable “Etiquette for Life” training. The classes have been well received at country clubs, event facilities, hotels, churches, and schools throughout Atlanta and its metropolitan area.

Valerie Macdonald, Director of Cotillion Group

Welcome to The Cotillion Group! We have alot of exciting things in store for people of all ages. We specialize in teaching self confidence, manners and etiquette, skills for life, and ballroom dancing with a program that has been effective for over 25 years!

The Cotillion Group offers many classes in the Greater Metro Atlanta and now Macon areas.  We are looking to expand to any market that has a need for these type of services. I hope to get a chance to meet each and every one of you and show you just how fun and effective Cotillion Group programs can be!

We would like to announce the Stepping Stones to Success program

Did your high school student miss participating in cotillion?

Does your cotillion graduate need some refreshers?

Stepping Stones to Success is here to help!

                              Click here to download registration form

Macon is the newest franchise to join The Cotillion Group. 

We would like to take a moment to welcome their franchise

and wish them well with their business.

Please click here for dates and times

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Registration for the Cotillion of South Forsyth is now OPEN!

Registration is NOW OPEN for the Cotillion of South Forsyth!

The Cotillion of South Forsyth is a dancing and manners program for 7th, 8th and 9th graders and will be held on Sunday evenings at Polo Golf and Country Club. Each week we will cover traditional and popular dances such as the waltz, fox trot, shag, swing, line, etc. We will also discuss social and professional etiquette that these students will use throughout their lives. Come join us as we have fun learning all these skills. Our program will culminate with a Showcase for parents to see what their child has learned.

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Spring Programs will start in March!

We are thrilled to offer our Spring programs:
The Cotillion of South Forsyth
The Cotillion of Buford

The Cotillion of South Forsyth will start on Sunday, March 6 and will be held at Polo Golf and Country Club.
The Cotillion of Buford will start Sunday, March 13 and will be held at Hamilton Mill Golf Club.
Please contact Valerie Macdonald for more information. 770-781-5580

Registration will open early February

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St Ives Cotillion 2016 (Autrey Mill, River Trail and Notre Dame Academy held at St Ives Country Club)

St Ives Cotillion 2016 (Autrey Mill, River Trail and Notre Dame Academy held at St Ives Country Club) We are excited to start our classes on Tuesday, January 19, 2016! Come have fun with us while learning dance and etiquette! Registration will open November 2nd. 

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The Bridges/North Atlanta Cotillion 2016 (Haynes Bridge, Holcomb Bridge and Elkins Pointe MS, held at Country Club of Roswell)

We are excited to start our classes on Sunday, January 10, 2016! Come have fun with us while learning dance and etiquette! Registration will open November 2nd.

Please contact Valerie Macdonald, Director, for details


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Winter 2016- registration will open November 2nd!

We can't wait for our Winter 2016 programs to begin! Registration will open November 2 for the following programs:

Cotillion of Alpharetta (Taylor Road, Webb Bridge and King's Ridge) held on Sundays at Metropolitan Club
Bridges/North Atlanta Cotillion (Haynes Bridge, Holcomb Bridge and Elkins Pointe) held on Sundays at Country Club of Roswell
St. Ives Cotillion (Autrey Mill, River Trail and Notre Dame) held on Tuesdays at St. Ives Country Club
Lakeside Cotillion (ET Booth) held on Thursdays at Bascomb United Methodist Church.

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Macon Spring 2016 registration is open!

The Macon Cotillion  is gearing up for our spring 2016 classes! Registration is now open.

  • Jan 10 ~ 5:30 - 7:00pm
  • Jan 24 ~ 5:30 - 7:00pm
  • Jan 31~ 5:30 - 7:00pm
  • Feb 7 ~ 4:30 - 6:00pm (early due to Super Bowl)
  • Feb 21 ~ 5:30 - 7:00pm
  • Feb 28 Parents Party ~ 5:30 - 7:30pm
  • March 6 Themed Class Party – Students and Board ~ 5:30 – 7:30


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Peachtree Corners Cotillion (Pinckneyville MS)- season recap

We had another great season in the Norcross/Peachtree Corners area. The students were lively and learned a lot! We look forward to next year!


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Fun night at cotillion!


Macon Cotillion 2015

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Congratulations to our Family Fast Dance Winners!

Macon Cotillion 2015
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Below is a direct quote from a parent!

Karen - Thought you'd appreciate this comment. Last Sunday afternoon Jack looked at me and said "I'm bored, I wish we had cotillion today." You're doing a great job!

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Testimonial letter from parent

Many of my friends were surprised that my children were participating in a cotillion program. They had misconceptions of its relevancy. So often we hear how soft skills are disappearing in the younger generation with most of their communication conducted with the use of electronic devices. The Cotillion Group reinforced the etiquette lessons that they were taught at home by enabling them to apply them in a safe environment. They learned simple things such as where to place their name tag, the proper way to shake hands, and how to reply to an invitation.


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Testimonial from a parent of a seventh grader

After so many years of fighting my own fears of being able to communicate with my peers and to be able to succeed on the dance floor, I just want to offer my gratitude that you have given my son the skills he needs to conquer his dad's phobias! His mother and I are so grateful to you and your staff for providing these wonderful classes to our youth. He absolutely loved his time with you, and we look forward to participating again next year for your advanced class.

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Testimonial letter from super supportive parent of the Macon Cotillion

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter must have told me at least three times last night after class that she had FUN! Although she took cotillion in 6th grade, I think this class will certainly build and grow last year's foundation. She also dances (ballet, pointe, & jazz) four days a week at Dance Arts and is a member of Middle Ga. Youth ballet. The dances you teach will broaden her dance repertoire which is fantastic. I enjoyed volunteering last night. I would be happy to volunteer myself again if needed. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity for our daughter!


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Q: is there going to be a summer program
A:  We don't have summer programs but will start our new year of programs in September. Which grade and school does your child attend?
Q: What is the correct way to escort a lady?
A:  A gentleman offers his arm to a lady. He bends his elbow to form a right angle and provides the woman with a sure, solid arm. It doesn't hurt to flex for her, as long as he's not too tense. He does not leave his arm dangling at his side, nor does he let his wrist loose.
Q: Should I honk the horn when picking up a date?
A: Absolutely never should you honk your horn when picking up a date. It shows disrespect for your date, family, and neighbors. Get out of the car and present yourself at the door prepared to be polite and respectful.

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